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About Us

Arable lands are decreasing, cities are rising, water resources are drying up, and meeting the rapidly rising food needs of the growing population makes sustainability a key issue in agricultural production. “A second chance” for agricultural producers struggling with limited resources and increasing costs is almost impossible in this scenario. That is why choosing the right fertilizer and using it at the right time is quite important for agricultural producers, and the reward for these right choice is sustainable high yields.

As Olimpum, we aim to ease the burden on the growers and the famers by developing and manufacturing innovative fertilizers that meet the rising standards in organic and conventional agriculture. Whether you are a large or small producer, we have a more efficient crop feeding program, a low-cost fertilizing recipe or a solution to improve your soil quality.

We are constantly improving ourselves to deserve the trust of our customers, while targeting to be a highly reputable company that our competitors will follow.


Bursa, which has been home to many ancient civilizations for centuries, was known as Prusa ad Olympum in ancient times; Prusa at the foot of Mount Olympum. Uludag Mountain which is the most important symbol of the city was called Olypum for centuries. Bursa plain, located on the foot of Uludag, has been the life of these ancient civilizations with its agricultural riches offered throughout the ages. While we chose Olimpum as our name, referring to the arable Bursa soils and the glory of Uludag.

Our logo is in the view of a mountain that symbolizes Uludag, and the shapes on it symbolize fertile land.

Quality Policy Statement

Our company, which operates in the fields of Organic and Mineral Fertilize, Chemical Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner Production and global/domestic fertilizer purchase, sale, import and export, has determined its policy in line with the following issues in order to maximize the quality management system in accordance with the purpose and context of the organization and to support its strategic direction.

  • Developing innovative products for Turkish and world farmers, worthy of rising standards in organic and conventional agriculture and meeting the high yield and expectations of producers.
  • Reducing costs and improving soil quality by maximizing the benefits of our fertilizers while developing our formulas.
  • Adopting an environmentally sensitive understanding and complying with legal regulations while developing our formulas.
  • To continuously improve our system in order to deserve the trust of our customers and to be a respected company.
  • To fulfill the conditions determined as applicable within the scope of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and to continuously improve the system.