Olimpum Innovation


Patented, unique innovation and technology that make a difference by offering the best and most reliable agricultural solutions…

Optimum Nutrient Distribution (OND)

OND (Optimum Nutrition Distribution) standard has allowed our products to be recognized in the world in a short time as “most preferred products” with their quality.

The first pillar for obtaining a homogeneous physical mixture in a high-quality soluble NPK is to choose the raw materials which have equal particle size. Our company has more than 30 years of experience in global trade and supplying the best quality raw materials directly from its source.  Thanks to our OND standard, our company never uses a non-water-soluble synthetic agent.


  • We use a 100% water-soluble special agent that enriches the fertilizer content in the fertilizer compound.

NOCH Technology

Our innovations and R&D studies which provides the best and most trusted agronomic solutions are very well known in fertilizer industry.

Olimpum has some unique R&D studies on chelating agents used in trace elements.

Thanks to our studies, we developed a unique natural chelating technology and we call it NOCH (New Oligro Chelating). And we manufactured Iron & Zinc deficiency solutions in plants chelated with these natural agents. FERRA 15 HUMATE and ZINC 15 HUMATE work in fertigation and foliar systems perfectly. We also use this NOCH technology where there are Trace Elements in our fertilizers.

  • This natural agents  shows more penetration rate than synthetic chelates, due to larger molecules such as EDTA, DTPA, EDDHA.
  • It is biodegradable and non-toxic to the environment. On the other hand synthetic chelating agents can be toxic to the environment.
  • Naturally occurring chelates can be used as a food source to the micro-organisms while the synthetic cannot.
  • Naturally occurring chealating agents are more stable in comparison to synthetic chelating agents.

Cold Stress Resistance (CSR)

Low temperature stress during reproductive development induces flower abscission, pollen sterility, pollen tube distortion, ovule abortion and reduced fruit set, which ultimately lowers yield.

Due to these risks, it is necessary to minimise the detrimental effects of temperature stress in plants below permissible limits. The management of plant nutrients is very helpful to develop plant tolerance to temperature stress. Better plant nutrition can effectively alleviate the adverse effects of temperature stress by a number of mechanisms.

  • The brand new CSR formula  gives resistance to the plant when it is exposed to stress in cold conditions, for effective efficient nutrition.


Olimpum carries out some studies on microbiological fertilizers for sustainable agriculture and getting maximum performance in fertilizing.

The studies brings some spectacular results on reducing pesticides costs as well.

Packaging Innovations

We do also have a unique package called “BLOCK BOTTOM VENTILATED OPP LAYER BAGS” to keep our quality standards.

By its unique manufacturing technique, these bags have no STITCHES and keep the content from humidity, direct sun-light Exposure, etc.

It is almost impossible to copy these bags. Hence, customers are confident that they use authentic Olimpum Fertilizers.