Olimpum Export

We Keep Going, We Keep Growing…


Offering innovative solutions to Turkish and world agriculture, Olimpum adopts a manufacturing approach that will maximize the benefits of fertilizers, reduce fertilization costs and be sensitive to harmful environmental effects.

We offer a wide range of different solutions to Turkish and World farmers by manufacturing water-soluble NPK fertilizers, microelements and liquid fertilizers in our factory located in Bursa.

Some of our customers need a formula with a specific NPK composition for their own use, while a regional sellerr may request a market-appropriate packaging design for one of our brands. We develop formulas and tailor-made packages according to market needs for our customers worldwide who are looking for the right solution for their product, soil and region.

This impeccable understanding of quality, which starts with the purchasing process, continues with great care at every stage of production and is delivered to you as the abundance in your field.

No matter what, where or how you grow it, our options of brands will surely meet your expectations.